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Time period

  • What's your favorite railroad to model? Where is it? Time period?[:)]
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  • Southern Ontario, 1970's. You saw lots of CN, CP, the old CASO sub was still double tracked and busy. The then new Chessie System had their main line between St. Thomas and Windsor. The ferry operation across the Detroit River between Winsdor and Detroit would have been cool to see! Lots of different road power! Most of all that is gone now today! :(
  • Generally the B&O or PRR from the 40s and 50s, aughthough it would be interesting to do a 1835 B&O model
  • Hi All [:)]

    Let me put in a plug for my poll called, "Favorite Railroad Decade". The poll gives you the opportunity to select a decade that was/is your favorite for train watching and tell us why.

    Here is a link to the poll. Please take the poll and share some comments with us. Thanks. [;)]