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First night of DCC and a few questions

  •  OK, I made the jump backwards again! Yep I know I am not to smart. My only DCC engine is a BL1 J with sound and the DCC unit is a E-Z Bachmann from T-Stage and a very fair $ amount.

     So far the little E-Z is working like a champ and easy to use. 2 things I don't like is there is no Momentum control even tho the manuel say's it is bulit in. I know I can add drag effect to the BL1 J but have not done that yet. Second there is no power switch to turn it off, but no big deal.

     When running a DC engine on setting number 10 I hear a odd buzzing sound, I am guessing that is normal.

     I did try to added a PK E-6 DC engine, but it shut the E-Z down with the BL1 J so I guess more power may be the answer.

     I do like DCC, but still not sold all the way yet.


                    Cuda Ken

    I hate Rust

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  • Hey Ken

    I use the same system, and the momentum control isn't programmable like other systems. When your running a say speed 7, when you quickly turn it to 0, the loco doesnt stop immediatly, it coasts to a stop, this is a low price version og momentum control. BUT you get what you pay for and I am very happy with this low cost DCC solution.

    As far as the buzzing noise, what you are doing is running a DC( 12v) engine on DCC (18V) Unlike your older dc transformer that regulates voltage (0-12 volts) to the track, DCC sends a constant 18 volts thru the track, the loco picks up the voltage , the voltage goes to the decoder, and the decoder regulates the voltage to the motor , controlling the speed. When you run a DC loco on on DCC, which EZ allows you to do by selecting "10", the buzzing noise is the 12 volt engine getting 18 volts. I would advise NOT running a DC loco this way very long, or not at all. It causes the loco to heat up very quickly and is not too good for the motor. You should convert your locos to DCC when you can ( by installing a decoder , simple Bachmann decoder is $20-$30) or not run the DC locos at all.


  • Yes what you're calling "momentum" isn't exactly that, I know a couple of systems are affected by how quickly you turn the knob up or down. Most systems rely on the momentum to be set for each locomotive's decoder. I'm not sure but I don't think the Bachmann system allows you to program, or least only the ID no. ?? If that's true it's kinda too bad, as a lot of the improved running under DCC comes from setting the CV's for momentum, top speed etc.