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Vist the LHS and walk out with just parts, nothing to show so to speak?

  •   I am guessing I am not the only one that has this happen. Today like ever day I get to K-10 train I walk out with only parts and nothing cool. More Kadee # 5's couplers, Lights for the BL 2 engines, blub's for street light, lights for buildings, Proto 2000 33" wheels, glue, plactic rail joiners, center gears to fix old PK 2's BL 2's, Poly Fiber to make tress and a Athearn Caboose for $5.95. $75.00 later I walk out with 1 new rolling stock?Eight Ball [8]

     Is it just me or is that how other folks spend there funds as well?

     Guess this is a lot like my first love HP Mopar cars. Car is the cheap part, the $ are in the details.

     But on the bright side, have 122 cars that can make the rounds on the bench with no problems.


                      Cuda Ken spending more on parts than cars again.


    I hate Rust

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  • You're not the only one.

    I walked out of my LHS on Saturday, with 3 foot track, turnouts, gravel, some detail parts, and "no" rolling stock! But it does make your layout look a bit better when you' re done with what you've bought.

    Happy railroadingLaugh [(-D]


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  • Parts is where a lot of lhs make their money, they can charge close to msrp and most tend not to squalk because its a small item and they don't remember an exact price that they might for an engine. Used to work for Home Depot and we made nothing on the sale of a toilet but on the bolts, wax ring, supply line, toilet seat ect. we made up to 80% on those items.
  • i wish i had a local hobby shop...  my nearest shop is 12 hours drive away...  buy my things on ebay...  very difficult to get detail parts on ebay... cant wait to fly down to the local shop (s) and spend big on detail parts...  peter
  • I've done that also.

    One day recently, I went to the LHS and bought $50 worth of detail parts for an Athearn locomotive - no new rolling stock.  After getting home I began the detailing of my WC SD45.  After I finished adding all the parts (plow, fore and aft drop steps, MU plug stands, ditch lights, MU and air hoses, lift rings, frame-mounted bell, fore and aft walkway chains, and sun shades), I showed the now super-detailed SD45 to my son.  He said "It looks the same."

     Ouch, that hurts.

  •  Yep, I know the feeling. But at this point I am glad to my wife it looks the same. I am buying bulidings, rails  and steam power now. Seems all GS-4's look's the same to her! One is a Daylight and other is a War Baby.

     Guess she is color blind, fine with me!Smile [:)]

            Cuda Ken

    I hate Rust

  • I showed the SD45 to my wife, next to an old stock Athearn SDP40 and she said "It looks nice."

    About a week later, she got stopped at a railroad crossing and "noticed" all the details I had added to the SD45 on the prototype.  She called me at work and told me how much of a difference the added details made toward making my Athearn look prototypical.

    Now she understands why I do the stuff I do.

  • Yes Ive done the same. But sometimes it's a total 180. I'll make a list of small items I need, and once im in the LHS, I'll totaly blow it off for some new rolling stock. Then I'll come home with MORE projects.

    Funny, I haven't finished my Medusa cement because I need squadron putty for the silo seams, but I still managed to add some new Genisis and Atlas cars to the roster.Big Smile [:D]

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