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Local Hobby shop talked me out of steam power. :-(

  •  I have a little money to burn and have been wanting steam for some time. I was primed to buy a entry level steam engine. K-10 had a Inter House Moutain 2 8 2 for $79.95, 4 6 4 for $89.95 and a Bachman for $79.99


     Ken from K-10 talk me out of going steam again. They like to derail if the spring load is not right for the track. If there a dip in the rail's (beside's me) the center wheels will lose contact un less they float. Plus they don't pull well unless you go with the big buck stuff.

     My bench work is better but still not great. Ken from K-10 and I have agreed on the new bench he will help me make.

     I am going to guess he is steering me right, just odd being talked out of buy stuff by the owner of a LHS. But I guess that is the reason I trust him.

     I do have a cheap Tyoc Steamer coming, guessing it is a tender driven engine. It was in a lot of cars I was after so I did not bid on it by it self. It is just along for the ride.


                          Cuda Ken


    I hate Rust

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  • He's right, to an extent, I guess:  steamer engines in general might be more easily derailed than diesels, just because they have more wheels and the leading or trailing trucks, if any, are often quite light. 

    But if you like steam, don't give up.  You might start with a smaller engine, like a 2-8-0 or one of the Proto 2000 0-6-0 or 0-8-0 switchers, rather than some monster 4-8-8-4 or 2-6-6-6.  I have one of the Proto 0-6-0 switchers and while not cheap, it's detail is teriffic, runs very well, and has lots of pulling power for such a small engine.  I liked it so much, I put a Tsunami decoder in it, so it's even better!  Even just sitting still, it burbles and hisses, and occasionally Fireman Fred shovels some coal or tightens something up, and every once in a while it blows down some steam -- how can a diesel beat that?

    So start with something relatively small, and you'll gradually improve your tracklaying skills, and have a great time! 

  •  That the plain, make the boad better. I was thinking with starting with a smaller 6 wheel drive engine like the one Ken showed me. I think it was a 2-6-0, I wished I wrote down the names of the engines he showed me. I hope to have the blue prints worked out this weekend so Ken and I can cut the lumber Sunday.


                        Cuda Ken

    I hate Rust

  •  Bull ..... don't let anyone talk you out of steam ! That guy must have a room full of diesels he can't sell . Those elongated diesels will jump track just  as much or more than a steamer .... they're not even articulated ! Neither one of those steamers are prone to derail much ! BUY ELSEWHERE !!!!!!

  •  Old timer that was not the case with K-10 trains. K-10 is the best and he was looking after me knowing my short comings with the bench work I have.  I am now clunker powered, yep two GS-4's and I must say I love it.

     Sure don't pull like my E-6's, but love to watch the drivers doing there thing.

                                  Cuda Ken

    I hate Rust