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I need help

  • I'm new to this model rail roading stuff, and I've read lots of books and magazines on what to do, but I'm still not sure on how to make my first model with senery and other things. Could someone please reply on how to make one step by step? Thanx-[:)][^][?][:o)][8D][:p][8]
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  • Check the books available from this site,Model Railroader has published at least three(?) books on step-by-step layout construction,the Clinchfield RR in N-scale was at least one.You can also check the index of magazines elsewhere on this site for past articles on project layouts and get the back issues from MR or a local train show.Also consider joining a local model railroad club or the NMRA.Most clubs meet weekly and the NMRA local Divisions usually meet 10 monthes of the year.Both groups are filled with people willing to always help or guide you to someone who can.Most of all,just try to do something,if it doesn't meet your expectations,just start over,before you know it,you'll be the expert!Remember,even the best modeler started at the bottom and has plenty of mistakes under their belt.Some of mine are right in front of me now!Good luck and good modeling.Dan.
  • Try posting this topic in the Model Railroader forum. There is a lot more action there and you'll get much more responses and help.