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Acela Help

  • I want to ride the Acela just on the High Speed portion of the trip. So between what two train stations does the train hit 150m.p.h.?
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  • From the Amtrak website:

    "Amtrak-owned property includes 363 miles of the Northeast Corridor connecting Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, the busiest passenger line in the country, with trains regularly reaching speeds of 125-150 m.p.h.; a 62-mile track segment from New Haven, Conn., to Springfield, Mass.; 104 miles of 90 m.p.h. (soon to be 110 m.p.h.) track in Pennsylvania, the first new high-speed corridor in the 21st century; a 97-mile segment of 95 m.p.h. (soon to be 105 m.p.h.) track in Michigan, the first high-speed positive train control system in revenue service."

    Sounds like the segment you want is New Haven, CT to Springfield, MA.
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  • No I live near springfield MA and it is not electricfyed lol. I know The station I want is before Boston but thats it.
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  • Its around Attleboro.

    That thing Tom quoted is screwed up.
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  • That "screwed up thing" that I quoted was from the Amtrak website.

    From Trains magazine February 2001 issue (around the time of the first Acela runs) the only 150 MPH areas authorized at that time were between Kingston and Cranston RI and Attleboro and Mansfield MA. That was 5 years ago.

    Since the Acela isn't an "all stops" train, you may have to run from Boston to NYC.
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  • I know Tom... That why I said the thing you "QUOTED" was screwed up... I didn't attribute it to you!

    Attleboro to Mansfield and Kingston to Cranston is correct -- I've been in Kingston when they've come through at speed... I knew Attleboro off the top of my head. They still run at speed in just those locations 5 years later... Everywhere else its a bit less.
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  • You want to ride New Haven to Providence.

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