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How have You gotten Your In-Cab Tour/ride???

  • i am new to this forum.


    I have gotten in the cab of many locomotives.

    #1 first time was a Gp20 #2000 of the tacoma rail. i got to drive and switch some cars around for a career day for my school.

    #2 was a little 2 truck heisler #2 of the curtis lumber co. i paid $30 dollers for the cab ride at the oregon coast scenic R.R

    and the rest are.

    3truck climax #10 hilcrest. MRSR.ORG

    3truck heisler #91

    3truck shay #11

    2-8-2T #17

    2-8-2 #5

    all because i just started volentering at the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad.

    oh yeah and some kind of Alco switcher,
  • Just volunteer for a local railroad museum and find out who the engineer is.  Get to know each other, and always seem interested about his/her engineer job.  After a few days of this, ask him/her for a ride.  This always works for me.  The only hard part about this is the volunteer part. 

    You could also just hang around the depots, and when the train is in, talk to the engineer.  That is a very iffy one, though, but I have seen it work with the more open engineers.  You may not get a ride, but you would get a cab tour.

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  • Ok, well I got a couple:

    Amtrak california -- I was looking in the cab car ( there is no door, just a rope ) and the engineer asked me if I wanted to come in. I got to sit in the conductors chair for almost an hour.

    San fransisco MUNI -- Got to go in the light rail cab for a few minutes, then my stop came....

    Caltrain -- Got to sit in the cab car of the new bombardier cars during the grand opening

    Amtrak -- Got to go in a F40, and a F59phi ( including the engine room!! With earplugs of course ) ater ariving at out final destination in vancouver BC.

    Eurostar -- Got to go in a cab of the high speed eurostar train in london while the passengers were boarding.

    I think thats it...........

    Had a great time!!!
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  • Usually I'm running the locomotive, but I have ridden with many others too....



  •      I hired on the railroad Smile,Wink, & Grin [swg] .

         That's true but not my first cab ride.I can remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old (back in 78 or 79) and my Dad took me to work with him and we run some old jeeps up and down the yard tracks.

        Then when I was about 13 yrs. old I ran some gp.38's out of the old wooden roundhouse (that's long gone )onto the turntable,down thru the yard tracks,back onto the turntable ,they turned it back around,and we returned the units back into the roundhouse.That was such a blast for me.

        Now I get paid to do that,and at times I hate it.But it's not just a job,but an adventure Wink [;)] .

        Or sometimes a real bad Shock [:O] nightmare .

    Collin ,operator of the " Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."