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username. Why did you pick it?

  • road name & zip
    Sgt. Rollo
  • I'm a 1st generation German-American, and "Rassig" means "racey" or "stylish" or "of a breed". When I was a kid I saw some Illinois Central streamliners, like the Panama Limited, and they impressed me with their speed and style. BTW, it's also the license plate on my VW GTI ! [:)]
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by Kevin C. Smith

    QUOTE: Originally posted by tmcc man

    TMCC MAN is my user name because of the Lionel T=Train, M=Master, C=Command, and C=Control. I just put man at the end, even though I am 15.

    15 years old but with "all hail the great PRR" on your posts? I bearly remember the Pennsy and I'm...well, never mind exactly-but WAY older than 15. It's reassuring to know that the Standard Railroad of the World has another generation of rightful admirerers!

    Well, I have always admired the PRR, especially because I hear great stories from the PRR's employees that I know very well. I have heard work train stories, all the way to derailments. So, that is why I think the PRR was the greatest RR.
    Colin from
  • I chose mine because it was the first thing that came to my mind. It is my middle name.
  • 23 years military, US Army, Pa Army National Guard, West Virginia Air National Guard.
    Retired as a Technical Sergant
    tsgt, first name bob=tsgtbob
    Sat up all night thinking on that [:D]
  • Am a follower of UK steam - as a kid was always out looking for steam loco's -one of my favourites was Ex GWR castle class 7009 Athelney Castle - hence the username . It's also a village in Somerset England .
    2860 Restoration Crew
  • I chose 'n2mopac' because 1) I moden in 'n' scale, and 2) I grew up along the mopac and, when I first joint this forum 5 years ago, I modeled mopac. I do not model mopac any longer as my new layout (under construction) represents a modern BNSF sub in north Texas. MoPac will always be my first love, however, and I still collect memorabelia and such from the old flaming chicken line. So I guess you could say that I am still in to MoPac (n2mopac).


    Owner and superintendant of the N scale Texas Colorado & Western Railway, a protolanced representaion of the BNSF from Fort Worth, TX through Wichita Falls TX and into Colorado. 

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  • I started out with the name "wisser" because that was the name of my sisters computer and her last name. I didn't have internet on my computer. Last year I changed it to my name.
  • Because "MongoLikeCandy" wasnt avalable at the time and I was convinced "Beeblebrox" would draw the ire of religious crazies thinking I was one of Ol' Nicks little wizards...

    PS : Beeblebrox, as in Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two headed, three armed ex-confidence trickster and part time Galactic President from that ever usefull book, "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"


       Have fun with your trains

  • I make signs, my e-mail address, NASCAR fan, name of my company.
  • The Southern Pacific is by far my favorite railroad[:)][:D][8D][:p].
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • AC6000CW stands for power and it is great to hear those run along the florida csx main line in run 8 doing 70 mph and produces 6000 hp with 1 prime mover with 6 traction motors. that why i pick the name
  • Th1nkG33k. The semi-"1337" spelling of ThinkGeek. I use the TG Tag for all of my online games, (See Battlefield 2 tag at bottom) emails, and forums. It originated from the website ThinkGeek, and the fact that I am a Geek, and I Think a good deal of the time.