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What if there was 1 super railroad, spanning all of north America???

  • I Kanow verry well that the ICC regulates such things, but if it were to happin what are the results that you think are possible???[8]
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  • I would be kind of sad to tell you the truth. I would not go railfanning a lot, or even at all for that matter because there is not any variety out there. On the subject of what would happen I do not know.
    Colin from
  • There goes the (in the words of W) ecUnomy.

    Mechanical Department  "No no that's fine shove that 20 pound set all around the yard... those shoes aren't hell and a half to change..."

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  • It wouldn't be very good for the economy, that's for sure. Basically there would be a monopoly on railroad shipping rates, and the railroad could make prices whatever they wanted. Although I suppose they would still have to compete some with Truck traffic, but not quite as much as railroads compete.

    Besides, it wouldn't be much fun from a railfan perspective. The same railroad all the time, it would just be boring.

  • First of all there is no ICC any more. It is the STB. Secondly, there would be no competition. Sometimes that is good. In this case it would probably lead to, "I need a car tomorrow". Response, "You'll get it when we get it there". Who are you going to call for a better response if that is the only choice? That is the big problem with all these mergers. Inevitable - yes. Good - questionable.
  • Haaa thats how I feel when I see the BNSF all across the country!!!!
  • Murder/suicide. It's the only option.

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  • My fav is the NSSR and DMIR baby!

    Mechanical Department  "No no that's fine shove that 20 pound set all around the yard... those shoes aren't hell and a half to change..."

    The Missabe Road: Safety First


  • You guys talking about suicide, give me a break. Take stock of what is going on in your life, if being a rail fan is that important to you, We have a problem!! [V]
    Being a rail fan should be a healthy HOBBY!! NOT an EXTREME[:(!][:(!][:(!]. Its the extremist FOAMER (foaming at the mouth rail fan) that **** off railroaders.
    My own experience as both a Railroader and Rail fan:
    The majority of people working for the railways are nice people, there are few grumpy ones as any other place.
    Do understand:
    -We work with the equipment all day long, The last thing we want to do is talk about it all the time. If you have questions, do ask but limit them to 1 or 2[?].
    -We have rules and policys that have to be followed, don't ask us to break them.
    -Some Railroaders are not that knowledgeable, we are trained to run it, not know if it has a 12 or 16 cylinder engine.
    -Some railroaders are sleep deprived because of their work schedule, deprivation makes most people ornary[censored].

  • Oh and if I offended, I was just blowing off some steam[:I] There is some genuine good advice in the post.

    Back on topic, not going to happen. Neither the American or Canadian governments will let it happen, just look at the mess microsoft has caused.

    Class1 railroads want to go to just hook and haul which is fine. Look at the explosion of the number of short lines in the last 10 years. Ideally you want a Short line servicing your business for the better customer care. Let the class1 railroads take care of the long haul from one shortline to the next shortline[:D].
    Oh, Rob Richie stepped aside at CP this past fall and there is hope, Hunter Harrison is getting old so change will happen at CN soon.

  • "One Big Railroad"-I belive that was a book by John W. Barringer (anyone else out there old enough to rememebr having heard of him?) about assembling the US rail system into a single entity. It was a fictional story of how it was put together in the immediate post WWII years. The idea at the time (right through the Penn Central or maybe BN mergers) was that consolodation of duplicate routes would lead to shorter, easier, more heavily trafficed lines that would be more efficient and competitive aginst trucks (which, face it, it where most of the traffic goes).

    But you're right-it's only more efficient to a point, then it's just another monopoly. At the risk of opening up a can of worms, let me toss out this question: If you could redesign the developement of the US rail system, how would you have made it turn out? Methods don't count-let's just assume that you were a prophetic sage with a vision that was so spellbinding that everyone would've followed your advice. What point would you start at and how would you have liked to see it turn out? One big RR that went everywhere (like a lot of European systems)? Regional monopolies (France comes to mind)? Two (or more) national systems that go, and compete, everywhere (like Canada)? Surely all of us have read the history of our favorite avocation and thought at one time or another, "If only they'd have done it this way."

    How would you remake the world?
    "Look at those high cars roll-finest sight in the world."
  • I can answer both First it would be an overregulated government railroad cause shippers would demand it.
    Second I would start in the days of mergers.NYC and Pennsy? nope! NYC ties in at Chicago with one of the Hill lines, Pennsy with the Q Erie with the RI Ri goes DRGW and WP There you go true transcons from NY to the west coast. Run Mini trains from shipper to consignee daily runs like a unit train that can do three turns a day or even two or one. Who cares you will be utilizing the cars better.Add in your long haul trains and locals. Offer better service and sell the idea to the employees who are coming up with the entitlement attitude. I have spoken to some old heads who said" we never ran this shabby we took pride in our jobs" Get the workforce happy and Look out!!
    Oh and JWB is a hero of mine,One of the great Railroad leaders!

    Yes we are on time but this is yesterdays train

  • we need at least 2 railroads, the competition is what keeps them going
  • Wont happen, its called a monopoly, and its still as yet still illegal to operate one here in the US, at least on the free market side of things.

       Have fun with your trains