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A question for all you locomotive engineers

  • In our computer class, we're doing a budget for a spreadsheet and our teacher wants us to put where we will live, what type of house we have, etc. The budget part will depend on how much you get paid a month. So here is my question: I'm not asking how much you make ( i know a site where you can figure that out), i need to know how often you are paid. every week? two weeks? month? please answer as soon as possible. thanks in advance. i can't wait to work for the railroad someday!
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  • evey week..or evey 2 depending on what your states laws are for requireing payment ... some states require the opption be thier for evey week... i myself get payed evey 2
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  • I work on the NS out of Ohio,live in Ky.I get paid every two weeks.My Dad hired in on the C&O in 1962 in Ky (he retired in 2001) and at that time got paid once a month ! He is again being paid once a month on retirement.

    Collin ,operator of the " Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."