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What's going on on the MR forum?

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by spodwo

    With the advent of "free" wireless internet EVERYWHERE...blocking an IP address just won't stop someone. Libraries offer up free computers with 'net access as do schools as do hotels, etc.

    I might add that many ISP use dynamic IP addresses so everytime you "connect" you IP address will be different.

    Plus an IP address can be "spoofed" [falsified].

    That's when you ban the entire subnet and let 'peer pressure' (in the form of the legitimate users of that ISP) force out the riff-raff.

    It all comes down to the question of whether or not the time and effort it takes to control morons with no life and no hobby is worth the payoff from a service that generates no direct income.


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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by Big_Boy_4005

    Guys, fighting amongst ourselves is not helping our cause. I don't like the decision to lock the forums any more than you do. I think it sends the message that the troll has won.

    As a new, BRAND-NEW in fact, member of this forum, my first post asked for some information. Imagine my surprise when I visited this morning to see if there was any input for me. Every thread was locked? The ENTIRE forum was locked? Hmmm.

    A bit of poking around brought me here. Seems I missed the entire "troll adventure" but am truly saddend to find that such things happen on a MR forum.

    As an active member of a couple of forums which discuss politics, trolls are nothing new. I've seen all sorts of ways to combat them, with various levels of effectiveness. The one thing trolls seem to crave is response to their postings. If their posts are ignored, they'll soon lose interest and move on. The Internet is a BIG place. One forum, for example, has a policy of replying to troll-posts with "DFTTF" which is Don't Feed The Troll Force. It doesn't take long to convey the message when to ONLY reply such a person can generate is DFTTF.

    I'm disappointed that I cannot express thanks for the information that WAS posted to my inquiry. Perhaps those people are reading this? Billba and edkowal, Thanks...
  • The MR forums are live once again. Sorry for the down time.

    By the way... boys, please stop bickering. Thanks.

    Erik Bergstrom