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Trackside with Erik and Mike voting photos

  • In each installment new of Trackside with Erik and Mike, we include photos than Mike and I have taken with our Canon Digital Rebels. Some users have mentioned recently that they'd like to see us return to our original format where you vote for the better of essentially two identical photos that we've taken while together trackside. The alternative is to let us use whatever photos we've taken recently, regardless of whether we were together at the time or not.

    Your voice matters! Vote now to let us know which you prefer!
    Erik Bergstrom
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  • I like it better when you use two different photos to choose between.I think it is more interesting this way
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  • My good friend Mr. Bergstrom is not the only one who can create polls. Here's one you're sure to enjoy!
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  • Why not randomly show similar pictures and then different pictures, just vary the sequence from time to time? That way perhaps all would be happy. Just a thought. w stolper (Doodlebug)
  • I prefer random photos. It's hard to chose between two photos taken at a six inch different angle from each other, but when you take them from different places, you use different techniques and it just looks better.

  • Hi!

    Isn't there a saying that goes like "Variety is the salt of life!"??? [dinner] [C=:-)]
    Two different trains makes it more challenging to vote, because of varied factors. Makes it more interesting too! [#ditto]

    Take care,

    Vianney Roge
    France [#dots]
  • Hey Guys, I think it should be the same train, HOWEVER your boss's should give you the time you need, with pay, to get to where you can get good and different pictures. That would really be good customer service. Maybe all day friday or maybe a monday so that you would have time with the weekend to really search far a field. No I'm not related to either of you, in fact I have never even met you, but I do think you are doing a great job and a greater selection of shots and sites, would make for a better column, and that equates to better customer service. Another idea would be to have some sort of contest where you would end up going to different areas of the country, where one or more of your readers live, to spend a day with the lucky reader, shooting trains and compairing notes and photo's, and bringing back your photo's to share with the rest of us.
  • Last week seemed a bit boring with the two shots being nearly identical. I like the variation. Then again... my thoughts probably don't affect anything. So you do what you want, and I'll read then vote. That's what Trackside is all about for me. [:)]

  • Why not use this scheme:

    Different trains to be the norm...
    Once in a while, photos of the same train, e.g., whenever you chase trains together!
    Have fun!

  • I voted "I don't care." but what I really meant was "Whatever works."

    I would not suggest that you force yourselves to use the same train. I'd LIKE it if you got more time to go hunting the same train and had time to get artistically different shots of the same train. But that's not going to be the norm, even if you had a lot of work time available (hint, hint) to go hunting.

    So, if there is a good pair of shots of the same train then I'd say go for it. If not, then not, and use two different ones.

    I do find the "same train" (or even same location) shots to be a better comparison vehicle but not if they are, as one other poster said, a few inches different one from the other. [Besides, I can't abide the "You're in my spot!" bitching ...] j/k

    Bill W.
  • I think that you guys should continue with individual random photos and then each year on your anniversary the two of you get together for a shoot as you did with volume 24 - well maybe not exactly as you did in volume 24.

    Mike I would not let Eric get away with the lame excuse he proposed in volume 24. The two of you could set up side-by-side and shoot at the same time if you had to and from our perspective we probably wouldn't be able to see the difference except with the most discerning eye. And for this reason it may be better if the two of you shoot at different locations otherwise I suspect that this project may be short lived and the cameras could become weapons of discourse. Happy photoging! (Hmmm, new word me thinks)

    All in jest, keep up the good work.
  • I vote for different pictures. To me, it's more interesting than voting for which
    one of you took the better shot of the same photo op.
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  • I voted for Erik and Mike to use whatever photo they want us to vote on. It could be the same train at the same location, the same train at different locations, different trains at the same location or different trains at different locations. In my opinion, just give us your best shot of the week and let us decide which one really was best. Hint: I tend to vote for shots that show the locomotive(s) and its consist rather than shots that only show the locomotive. A shot that showed a train working its railside customer would be appreciated too.
  • I voted for the use of any photo. Limiting the shots to side by side same train same spot same time would get boring in a hurrry, especially if you are limited to what happens during lunch at the same time every day. Heck, I get bored seeing the same Metra scoot behind my office every day. Even shots of different trains at the same location on an extended lunch would allow both of you to better express your individual creativity than duplicating shots.

    Now for another thought. How about a year end review. Take all the winning shots from throughout the year and have a vote for best pic of the year. I'm sure the comments would make for great reading.
  • I had to go with "whatever you want", but really I think it would be nice to have a few that are the same now and again. Yes, different trains is usually more exciting, but when you both shot the same train, I think it forces you really take framing, exposure, etc. into account. I'm not saying that when they are different they are worse, I'll bet either of you could randomly snap a picture and still get a better shot than me. I guess to me, it comes down to who can take the cooler picture in "whatever you want" or who can shoot the better picture in the "same".

    Either way it goes, I will still eagerly await the next installment. Keep up the good work!