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Installation depth of railway pipes

  • Hi every one,

    Anynone can help me, to get it the rule of the Installation depth of railway pipes in USA, I cant find it; thanks very much!

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  • To start with, I spent 35+ years as a civil engineer working on wastewater.  During that time, I worked or collaborated on several sewer projects that crossed railroad tracks.  Two memorable crossings involved the ex-NYC mainline from New York to Chicago in Cleveland.

    Each crossing is dealt with individually, taking into account traffic density, soil types, ground water conditions, and potential consequences of track movement, to name a few of the variables.

    So, there is no standard depth.  If you are asking with regard to a model railroad, anything below the ballast is possible.  Put it in and assume that your Chief Engineer worked it out.  Don'f forget a headwall.

  • (1) Railroad Standard Plans, each railroad is slightly different.

    (2) AREMA 1.4 and 1.5

    (3) Non-railroad civil engineers continue to make bad guesses and blunders every time they attempt to cross railroad rights of way property. (they are almost as bad as the fomite modellers )...When the railroad engeneers and real estate people mark up their proposals with red ink everywhere, some still don't wake-up and smell the coffee. Both sides continue to whine about the other,

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