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Your favorite Steam Locomotive

  • Hmm. I would have loved a Lehigh Valley Wyoming (Northern to those of you in Rio Linda) but, not having seen one, I will limit myself to what i've seen running. 1.) N&W A class 1218 2.) NKP 765 3.) N&W J class 611 4.) CNR Mountain 6060 5.) East Broad Top Mike 12. Rest well, girls. (oops! take care 765! hope the Fort Wayne group finds work for you!)
  • Baldwin narrow gauge consolidation #40 that used to run on the Georgetown Loop in Colorado, mainly because I fired and engineered on her and toasted many a pop-tart on her manifold! I loved that wonderful engine--she'd do anything for you.

    Bob Blomberg
  • Well, i'd have to say the Prairie Dog Central railway's American Standard 4-4-0 that was built in Glasgow, Scotland by Dubs&Co in 1882. Being probably one of the most venerable steam locomotives ever, in continuous service for nearly 125 years! Growing up in a CNR railway town (Transcona) i used to see it when they brought it to get repairs and maintenence at the CN Shops, it would blow it's whistle, and you just had to go run down there to see it run. I was last on a train hauled by it in 1985, (Prairie Dog Special run on the CN Pine Falls Subdivision, now Central Manitoba Railway (Cando Contracting) And the locomotive is undergoing a Class 1 overhaul, and should be back up and running before September hopefully. Click on my web link to learn more about it.[^]

    TMC (CNR Mixed train GMD1 1063 with combine coach) (Remember always at Railway X-ing's, (Stop, Look and Listen!)
  • I forgot to mention of course the CPR's 2816 H1b Hudson class 4-6-4 (Empress) which was fully restored to 1930's condition.

    TMC (CNR Mixed train GMD1 1063 with combine coach) (Remember always at Railway X-ing's, (Stop, Look and Listen!)
  • For me the K-4 Pennsy was in a class by itself. I also remember the banshee screamer of the I class when I was a kid laying in bed listening to the whistles talk. Only saw a couple of M class steamers, they were awesome to stand by as they thundered by. T1 class looked sharp, but not very popular.
  • The 2-8-8-4 Mallet Yellowstones, then it would have to be a S2 4-8-4 Northern, S4 4-6-4 Hudson , 2-6-0 Mogul.



  •  Any steamer,but for multi-engined I love the  UP 4-8-8-4,C&O 2-6-6-6,NW 2-6-6-4,NP 2-8-8-4 for single engined locos,the CNW 4-6-4's and the streamlined 4-6-2's



              C&NW Forever 

  • i like any steam locomotives whether they are large as the  big boys to the 0-4-0s . as long as they got a boiler stashed in them .
  • My favorite steam locomotive has to be, hands down, US Plywood Corp. (Wash) #11.  #11 is a 2-6-6-2 Mallet that is located at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, WA.  The only online photo, that I know about, for #11 is
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  • B&M 2-6-0 1455 or B&M 4-6-2 3713
    Cool [8D]