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Your favorite Steam Locomotive

  • If anybody would like to talk about their favorite Steam Locomotive, just go ahead, anything to do with Steam Locomotives, anything. My favorite is the
    2-8-4 Berkshire. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
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  • Well it seems that no one likes Steam Locomotives, come on guys I'm sure their are so many people that love Steam Locomotives
  • Neveda Northern #40 a ten wheeler and I like LV's Rogers 4-6-2's Pacifics, see my sig.
  • The UP's 4-8-8-4 Big Boy-for me, no contest.
  • all steam, can't just like one, although the 4-4-0 is an obvious forrunner.
  • I do like the Big Boy ( particularly the 4012 which is at Steamtown). Awesome Machine. The Lehigh Valley 4-6-2's were a thing of sheer beauty. I'm a Volunteer at the Steamtown National Historic Site and we have a Lehigh Valley Pullman Passenger car built in 1916 that's on lease to us. It's a beautiful car that has many handpainteed pictures of the Lehigh Valley Motive Power. The 4-4-0 is also a good choice since many 4-4-0's in Pennsylvania were built by the Dickson Locomotive Works right here in Scranton Pa, they were handsome Locomotives. Keep your opionions coming!!
  • I'll narrow the topic down, Your favorite Steam Locomotives since many of you like more than one, list as many as you like
  • Had two favorites the GN P-2 Mountain and S-2 Northern. The P-2 was probably one of the finest passenger Mountains to ever enter service and the GN S-2 was the first Northern with 80" drivers sometimes a little slippery getting a train started but once underway could run like the wind. Both were assigned to power the Empire Builder and Oriental Limited until the diesel powered streamlined Empire Builder and Western Star took over the long distance trains.
  • Anything Canadian Pacific will be fine thank you!


    Brought to you by the letters C.P.R. as well as D&H!

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  • For me, The 4-4-0 General Steam Locomotive on the C.P.R.R. as it is part of history and has what I feel are classic lines.
  • My favourite steam lovamotive is obviosly the Big Boy 4-8-8-4. My second is the H-8 Allegheny 2-6-6-6.

  • I just found out something interesting. The Delaware & Hudson had 0-8-8-0 Mallets that were built in 1908 that had 144,000 pounds tractive effort. ( These Mallets did not have stokers, so you basically had to have 2 or three fireman on a run, these thing could gobble up 10 tons of coal going up the steepest grade on the D&H Line, ARARAT Summit,which is in Carbondale, PA. The D&H discontinued going over the Summit in 1980, and today there are plans to make it into a walking trail.
  • My favotite steam engine is SP 4449[:)][:D][8D][:p]!!!
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  • My favroit steam and my all time favorit locomotive is the gone but not forgoten C&O Allegheny 2-6-6-6 H8 class, one of the finest locomotives ever built by Lima. Man I would give anything to see that run again.
    Lets see my second favorit steam is C & O's 614 4-8-4 Northern again another great locomotive built by Lima.
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  • I like all the Beyer-Garratts best but I really love all steam trains.