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MEHANO GG! 4800 HO value

  • I have recently acquired a Mehano GG1. #4800 in excellent condition. I have not been able to find one with this number anywhere. Is it a rare edition or just not popular?

    Any help will be appreciated.



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  • A search for "GG1 4800 Mehano HO" came up with a fair number of hits. It appears IHC/Mehano came out with versions of 4800 ("Old Rivets", the first GG1 made) in Pennsy green, Conrail blue, and a Conrail Bicentennial version. Asking prices on Ebay seem to vary widely, but for 4800 tend to be around $150-250 - but not sure they're actually selling for that much. In recent years, several companies have come out with HO GG1s that are generally considered better runners / better detailed than the old Mehano ones. But you might have one that was a limited production run that might make it valuable to a collector.