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Rock Island Rocket

  • I am trying to locate a train schedule for July of 1950 for what was known as the Denver Rocket.  I own a 1950 Cadillac, and the original owner took the Rocket from Burlington, CO to Denver to pick up her new car from Rickenbaugh Cadillac in Denver.  I have found a departure time of 5:23 AM out of Burlington, CO into Denver.  I don't think it ran daily in 1950.  Also, was this train out of Chicago, or Kansas City?  I have the delivery date of July 24th, 1950 for the new car.



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  • That was the Rocky Mountain Rocket, which ran between Chicago and Colorado Springs and Denver (the train was split at Limon). It was a daily train. 

    If you had posted on the Trains forum, someone would have answered the same day you posted; very few people even look at this forum.



  • Correction--you should have posted on the Trains Magazine forum, or on the Passenger forum; someone would have leaped on your post and responded quickly.