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Routing Empty Railbox Cars

  • I'm wondering how Railbox cars are routed when empty. As you know, for cars that are the property of a particular railroad, AAR rules require that an empty car be routed back toward its "home road." But Railbox cars aren't owned by a specific road, and a railroad that is holding one of those cars is free to load it up and send it anywhere. But what if the location where it was unloaded doesn't have any further need for it? Does the "holding railroad" have designated locations where they pool these cars while awaiting an assignment? Or does the car just sit there until some yard makes a request to have it delivered to them so they can use it?

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  • You should post in Trains Magazine, General Discussion where these type of discussions are usually held.

    Scroll down a few forums. Usually new people post here first.


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  • The host railroad could simply handle it the same way they would any of their own empty boxcars and send it off to where it can be used for another load.