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2 Quick rookie questions

  • Can someone please tell me what a 'Road Service' engine is?

    Also, after weathering Kato unitrack I discovered a dap of paint here and there on top of the track... what is the best way to clean rail? Can I just scrap with my fingernail or should I buy something to clean my rails once I'm done weathering?

    Thank you very much for any advice.

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  • Welcome to the forums--your one-stop shop for useful info; useless but interesting info; useless but uninteresting and banal info; off-topic useless, uninteresting and banal info; off-topic fascinating but useless info; opinions; comments; a very big bunch of very helpful, nice folks; and a few jerks (but just ignore them--we do, and besides, they know who they are).

    To attempt to answer your two questions:

    A road service engine is assigned to trains out on the line as opposed to yard service or helper service (pushing trains over a grade).

    As to cleaning the track, pick up a "bright boy" at your local hobby supply, and clean off the crud (including the paint) with it. Do it periodically. There are other ways, too, and you'll find a number of opinions on that, but I won't bore you with them at this point.

    Hope this helps.[#welcome]