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  • in deshler ohio last weekend. a csx engineer stopped his train in deshler by crossroads park to show all his foamer buddies. he had the whole town blocked for a while. he even opened all the eng. doors and sprayed shaving cream"foam" all over the engine. and put" foamers go home on the front hood"!!! i heard he was reported to csx and hope he gets the ax!!! what a complete disregard for safety!!!  

    chessie from toledo to columbus!
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  • Something tells me there's a lot more to this story.

    Are you sure the foam was shaving cream?  Might it possibly have been fire extinguishing agent?  I was nowhere near Ohio at the time, but, as an aircraft type, I'm quite familiar with that, "Shaving cream," that isn't.

    If you want to turn a problem into a disaster, just spray water on a fire in a petroleum-rich environment.  Remind me to be somewhere else when you do it.

    One thing about shooting from the hip.  Your toes are at risk.

    I'd like to see some commentary from someone with official standing who knows about this incident.


  • 90 day suspension for eng and conductor!!  pending termination!!!  hope it was worth it!

    chessie from toledo to columbus!
  • Mmm as an ex train driver got to agree with you,more to this than meets the eye.