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Willis webcam status?

  • Does anyone know the status of the Willis webcam in Galesburg Ill? For sever months they stated on their site they were going to move it near one of the yards. It's been down for several weeks now, and wondering did Willis Steel stop funding for the cam or what? Maybe it will be open in time for RR Days. Thanks in advance

    Regards Tim
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  • up and operating again. Just visited that site and it is working.
  • Yes it is running, that is what i inquired about in the thread before this. Again thanks for all the info railnut.
  • No problem, Glad to be of some help. I live only six blocks from that railcam and three houses from that subdivision.
  • I just went to the Willis cam site and what came was "cannot display this page"! Does the Galesburg cam have the same url (as of a couple of monthe ago) or is there a new one??
    Thanks in advance Tim
  • What's the web addresse?
  • I hope that works for everyone. if it don't, It is on the website and then navagate from there.
  • ive had trouble with not having the website come up sometimes too. most of the times it works though. ive been dissapointed with the number of trains and hot intermodal traffic as there was on the old santa fe thru galesburg. i do like being able to control the camera even tho its kinda hard sometimes and wont go where id like it too. [:)]
  • Finally saw my first intermodal and first coal train on the webcam at about 700 Central time...maybe things will start to pick up.
  • Cory, Most of the intermodal stuff usually stays on the Chilli sub. The only time I see intermodal is when it is headed up the Barstow sub or if they are detouring trains off the chilli sub do to traffic congestion or stoppage other wise it is mostly coal, and mixed frieghts that see the Mendota Sub. Oh I am sorry I forgot the six amtrak trains a day through here as well. Remember there are 2 subs that come in there just north of the cam so there is a lot of traffic that can be seen on there. It is just getting lucky to be on at right time.
  • Railnut,
    What are the Amtraks schedules? We all know those arent the real times they arrive tho[;)] Thanks