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should steam trains be abolished??

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by trainmadman

    does anyone think that steams should not be abolished if so reply please
    thanks chris

    abolish steam trains? HERESY!!! HERESY!!!
    Conrail Forever!
  • I hope I didn't misread this person's interest in the question, but I believe he said he was proposing the question for a project having to do with being a teacher. Holy Cow! If this person is a teacher, then he needs immediate help in formulating ideas and postulating questions!
    Imagine the poor students trying to discern meaning from his verbalizations!
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by trainmadman

    does anyone think that steams should not be abolished

    B I T E

    Y O U R

    TONGUE [}:)] [}:)] [}:)] [;)] [:p] [8D]
  • Steam should NEVER be abolished.STEAM FOREVER!!![:p]
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • It would be a great loss to bani***hese machines off the face of earth. they would be only remembered by those who travelled on them and those lucky enough to have worked them. Being abolished means no more again and why would anyone want that,they played an inportent part in the world industrial revolution. Too rid these steam beasts would be like abolishing the wheel. They have served man well and still my play apart in the future......
  • ok my [2c]. First off NO!!!!! Second enviromentelist used an oil burning steamer for Earth Day in 96 I think it was and in Cali no less! I can run our steamer(its a 1912 Heisler) with or without smoke But that being said if you are working her and the fireman tosses in more coal laws of combustion and draft come into play.You will get smoke tossing in a lot of coal while working her.Some have said using the blower helps eliminate it but why bother.Now to old boilers.UP 3985 and 844 are relativly new(see above 1912) as are a lot of mainline steamers.However I know of quite a few still running and passing their boiler inspects that are older than any in mainline service.1385 up in North freedom comes to mind as do some of the maine two footers that still run.Moosehead and Belfast Lake has a 1912 Swedish steamer.Its all about care and preventative maint..As for the UP not running anymore I doubt it(steam that is)844 never has been retired and is the only engine to be active from its first day on the road.This means something it shows UP knows how to treat one: shippers special trains make them feel special and more inclined to ship .two: government:What better way to get fedral approvment of something than to take your congressman for a spin.three:morale:the troops need a pick me up and if a division does well a trip behind 844 or 3985 is a good morale booster.Not to mention all the public goodwill that can be generated by a steam trip to your town. Case in point Milw 261 was just here and did trips for three days.Response was so good we might have it back and this is the cities talking not the Grand Excursion people.All in all steam should not be abolished,abandoned,or scrapped from real life.If you can get involved in a restoration do it! Help with history of railroads for a local school,do anything you can to help promote the history and tradition of your community.Support steam on mainlines maybe the insurance companies will drop their rates(doubt it due to sue happy people)and maybe some mainline operators will stop jacking up their own rates.Now I will step down from my[soapbox]Have a good night and if you are ever wanting to go for a ride on a steam powered train come see me at Silver Creek and Stephenson RR in Freeport Il.

    Yes we are on time but this is yesterdays train