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What is your favorite modern paint scheme?

  • BNSF, Looks good. I also like CSX too. I live in the central IL. area and most of the locos , I see are CN (Canadian Nationial). their scheme isnt to bad.
  • Well This is the best of a sad bunch. some of the older schemes looked a damn side better.

    But Hay! nowone said railroad companys had tast. LOL[:D]
  • BNSF - Best paint for all eras! [:)] UP flag is a close second. CSX's new one is a big improvement. [:0]

    NS paint designer(s) need to wake up and look around!!!!! [X-)]
  • UP "wings & flag" scheme has no peers. BNSF Heritage II nose with Heritage I flanks would be great. Also, my mom should never wear horizontal stripes. SHEESH!