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BLI PRR T1 Sound and Light but no movement

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    August 2023
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BLI PRR T1 Sound and Light but no movement
Posted by TrainNurse on Sunday, August 13, 2023 12:18 PM

Purchased a BLI PRR T1 #5528 at a show.  Got it home and was attempting to program the AD4 to the engine's number (5528) into my Digitrax DCS52.  Did so successfully and then a few days later, went to run it, and now I have only lights and sound- no movement.

Initially thought it was the pin connector not being completely connected, then thought maybe I'd made an error in programming (I'm still a novice at this).  I've scoured the web, both the Digitrax and BLI included manual and I cannot figure out what I've done.  Truly believe it's a user error since it ran fine before.

Is there a command to put in that resets the engine to factory defaults?  I already reset my Digitrax to no avail.

Not sure if I need to cahnge the CV29 or if the Digitrax does that for me- again still novice level to this.

My AD2 is 0003, AD4 is 5528.

Truly hoping I can find some help here since BLI doesn't service this model any longer (it's from the initial Paragon series- doesn't even have a number following the Paragon).

Thanks for any help you all can offer!  It's a great piece, but it just won't run for me.


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Posted by BigDaddy on Monday, August 14, 2023 5:10 PM

Welcome to the Forum, your initial posts are delayed in moderation.  The only thing you didn't tell us was N scale or HO scale.   I believe the early models of your loco used QSI decoders. 

EDIT It's almost assuredly NOT your command station.  I think but do not know for sure that there is a reset button on the decoder.  Some people are perfectly happy with QSI decoders and some can't program them.  I have never owned a BLI buy I have seen enough decoder questions posted here (even the later models) I am not likely to own one.

However there are lots of BLI fans here so stay tuned.

sorry for the incorrect 1st post


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Posted by wrench567 on Monday, August 14, 2023 5:59 PM

   If it is an original QSI decoder, ( I doubt it) then you have to wake up the decoder by pressing F6 or F9. I can't remember which. The old Paragon decoders did not have a wake up command.

  If the whistle and lights function to the address, then it indicates that it's addressed correctly. You may have to press F8 to get movement.


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Posted by tsd on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 7:00 AM

BLI has a nice video showing howto reset the different QSI decoders that they used on that orginial Paragon series.

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Posted by wjstix on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 9:53 AM

Just making tsd's link live:

(40) OFFICIAL "HOW TO" VIDEO: Quantum Sound Equipped Broadway Limited Imports Locomotive Hardware Reset - YouTube

If you have a DC power pack, might try running it with that. If it runs (will take pretty high voltage due to the sound system), then the problem is with the decoder and not the engine itself.

Programming CV8 to "8", then shutting off all power to the engine, should do a factory reset on a Paragon decoder. The engine should then respond to ID 03 or 0003.

As noted, some sound decoders have a 'sleep mode' that you can accidently turn on. It can be turned off by pressing the correct F button, but you'd have to check out the specific manual (should be available on BLI website) to determine if that is the case here, and what to do.

Your DCS 52 should change CV29 to allow for a long address automatically when you program in a long address, at least my old Digitrax DCS 51 Zephyr does. 


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