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Paper Mill help needed

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Paper Mill help needed
Posted by ClinchValleySD40 on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 9:35 AM
I need to build at least two paper mills for my layout. Can someone point me to any articles or plans for this industry?
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Posted by jrbarney on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 10:16 AM
Clinch Valley,
Think I just did this Index of Magazines search the other day in response to another posting, but darned if I can find it even using the Search the forums function. Anyway, here it is:

The Lowville & Beaver River RR, part 7, Paper Mill
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1992 page 73

The Donahue paper mill
Canadian Railway Modeller, April/May 1997 page 34

Van Gelder Zonen - a 1:35 scale 16.5mm gauge paper mill railway
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, September/October 1997 page 40

Paper mill as switching layout or layout design element
Layout Design Journal/News, March 2000 page 22

A junction and a paper mill
Model Railroad Planning 2000 page 42
Two oNe TRAK modules form the basis of this N scale layout

Modeling a modern paper mill
Model Railroader, April 2002 page 84
Danica Forest Products was constructed on an N scale module

Newsprint Boxcars
Model Railroader, June 2002 page 70
These 50-footers link Canadian paper milles with U.S. publishers

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    June 2001
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Posted by ClinchValleySD40 on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 10:19 AM
Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks.
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, January 15, 2004 6:10 AM
Check also:

Model Railroader, October 1998
"An industry you can model: Part 1
Papermaking and the railroads"

This article covers paper mills in the 1940s and '50s, with lots of pictures and a N track plan.

November 1998, Part 2, covered modern days operations with plans for an H0 scale mill.
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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, January 17, 2004 1:48 AM

OK, I admit to being excessively nosey...why do you need "two or more paper mills"?
Had to ask.[*^_^*]

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Posted by leighant on Saturday, January 17, 2004 2:44 PM
Some of my paper mill references:

distant pix (artist rendering) of carfloat carrying Hooker tankcars of chlorine and caustic soda in Alaska inner passage for use in paper pulping in Alaska. Hooker adv.says it provides much of the chlorine demand of American industry from plants in Niagara Fallas, Tacoma and Montague, Michigan BusinessWeek magazine Dec.10 1955 p.165

Kaolin clay used in paper making. Kaolin industry in Georgia
& S. Carolina & cars. Railroad Model Craftsman Apr93 p.81


"Papermaking & the Railroads, Part 1" ModRRer Oct98 p.100

Bowaters Southern Paper Corp. Calhoun,Tenn. small aerial pix,
detail pix of bleach washers. Business Week magazine Apr.2, 1955. p.89

Crossett,Arkansas plant, pix, track map. Model RR trackplan.
Mod RRer Feb81 p.108

East Texas paper & pulp, Evadale TX aerial
Texas Parade magazine vol23 June62 p.10

Eastex ships market pulps to other mills for papermaking,
makes coated & uncoated papers, clay coatings used.
annual purchase $1 million hardwood & pine, $2 million wood chips
"Paper Making in Texas" by Linda Elaine Kilgore, University of Texas Press, 1963

Eastex: see "The Eastex Story" in Pulp & Paper magazine Aug 1956, p.6-7.

Great Northern Paper Co., East Millinocket, Maine. aerial pix.
chemi-ground pulp mill. uses hardwood. Business Week, Feb 12 1955 p.81

Niagara: paper mill said to be largest in world in 1895 was first manufacturer to benefit from first major US hydroelectric power plant, Niagara Falls. History of Manufactures in the United States vol.3
1893-1928 p.2

Paper: processes & production flow diagram. World Book, 1958 p.P-6084

Paper Industry: products paper mills receive & ship
Railroad Model Journal Sept97 p.17-23

papernaking machinery: oversized load on ATSF Los Angeles Harbor District , special ATSF heavy duty flatcar FT-82 #90011 transporting paper dryer received by ship to Kimberlyn Clark plant
Warbonnet (publication of Santa Fe Rwy Historical and Modeling Society) 4Q2000 p.16

letter by engineer explaining above pix Warbonnet 1Q2001 p.2

pulpwood: chain conveyor for pulpwood, ad for Jeffrey chain
Business Week Feb.4, 1956 p.14

pulpwood yard for St. Mary'sTimber Co, Yemassee SC Model Railroad Planning 2003 p.38

pulpwood unloading claw-arm portable crane, model on Dave Kelber's HO SOO Line layout. ModRRer Apr2000 p.78

St. Laurent Paper Products, West Point, VA. thermochemical process. turpentine by-product. paper mill, modern, modeling
ModRRer Apr02 p.84

Southland Paper Mill, Lufkin, aerial view. 
Texas Parade magazine Oct61 p.11

Starch used in paper: Staley custom starches used to stiffen/ strengthen kraft paper tp make corrugated cardboard. home office: Decatur, Ill. branch office:KCMO
BusinessWeek Nov.5,1955 p.131
(NOTE: Intermountain has a model Staley tankcar suitable for this shipment)

switching a paper mill, Georgia Pacific, Gilman VT
Railroad Model Journal Sept97 p.11

Switching: "Working the Mill Job", White Mtn. Paper on HO B&M New
Hampshire Div of Paul J. Dolkos. ModRRer Apr2000 p.63

Tacoma Washington, log pond at St.Regis Paper Co., with "floating bulldozer' boat handling logs BusinessWeek Aug4,1956 p.42

Union Bag- Camp Paper Corp. Savannah, GA mill. 46 acres
3,500 cords of wood daily per Rwy Age ad (sorry I lost the date & issue)
2,400 tons of kraft paper & board produced daily.
made into bags and boxes on site. 80 cars/day outgoing.

US Gypsum Co. plant at Galena Park makes paper used for
gypsumboard for its own plants and elsewhere in TX & LA.
Paper Making in Texas, Linda Elaine Kilgore, U Tex Press, 1963

bags for sugar shipped on fork-liftable pallets. ad for Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills Business Week Nov.12, 1955 p.74

Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills plant in New Orleans for cotton, burlap & paper bags Business Week Nov.12, 1955 p.75

Paper container manufacturers in Texas, ca. 1960 : Houston 9 Dallas/FtWorth 18
Beaumont 2 San Antonio 1 Waco 2 McAllen 2
per Atlas of Texas

paper roll loads from grocery bags N Scale magazine JulAug99 p.65
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Posted by Dough on Saturday, January 17, 2004 5:31 PM
QUOTE: Originally posted by rda1964

OK, I admit to being excessively nosey...why do you need "two or more paper mills"?
Had to ask.[*^_^*]


It may just be his industry of choice. I know of at least one place where several lumber product companies with different owners are all on the same spur. An OSB facility here, a plywood there, and maybe a siding mill further down.

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