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Posted by Swiss-Colorado-Lines on Sunday, October 9, 2022 6:08 PM

Hi Eric,

you mentioned a couple of interesting points: about supporting under the switches to keep them from getting hammered down. I do this also, and with the 30 degree crossing as well. This is actually prototypical, and UP removed a crossing outside the California State Railroad Museum because it was high maintenance, and seldom used.

This reminds me of my " 3985 story":

My old friend U.P. 3985 which I have seen on 5 occasions, and rode behind once. In '93 I was at the Chicago NRHS convention, and chasing the 3985. I believe it was running on the T.P.& W. As you know, Chicago is chock full of crossings, diamonds, and junctions with all the various railroads intersecting. I was at a location to photogragh, right at a diamond. The diamond itself was in great shape, but the adjacent rail joint had been pounded and hammered down to such a point that it appeared dangerous. So, here comes 3985 about 30 mph. I watched this huge engine float over this huge dip in the track, each drive wheel successively roll down into the dip and back up. It was absolutely incredible! The equalization in the locomotive completely compensated for the track deficiencies! It was unbelievable!

So, yes, switch frogs and crossings get hammered down.



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Posted by Swiss-Colorado-Lines on Monday, October 10, 2022 7:00 PM


What I am referring to is that whenever an engine goes through my shop, it comes out somehow altered and modified.Here's some examples:

1. with The Bachmann 10th anniversary 4-6-0, I discovered that I can enhance electrical pickup over switch frogs by wiring LGB conductive wheel sets to the loco, using the right port( for the backup light). I use the existing cable and plug. You just have to set the polarity switch properly.

2.  ole number nine is modified yet again, this time with a tender for the battery for the headlight and cab light. Trying to prepare for more night time operations.

3. Bachmann Spectrum mogul( not pictured), has broken the main gear, but, no worries,mate! I keep an extra motor/ gearbox in the parts bin. But this time, I want to paint the drivers and pilot red.To look like " Leviathan".

These are my current low tech projects.....



I have  all rail clamps in place, and have completed the low trestle in the front over my Arroyo( dry creek bed). The arroyo doubles as a pathway to the back corner of the yard. There will be another low crossing there, and final ballasting should finish up my track laying.


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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 1:30 AM

Thanks for the update and the protptype application!  Usually, we can get away with things because they are smaller.  Compensation for track irregularities, in your example, would seem to be somethign we cannot match in the various "G" gauge scales!



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