Running O scale outside?

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Running O scale outside?
Posted by divebardave on Monday, March 9, 2020 6:09 PM

Is there a way to weatherproof O scale track and does Gargraves make outdoor O Scale track? Matter of Fact is Gargraves still in buisness have not seen there ads for a long time

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Posted by emdmike on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 1:17 PM

Atlas O's track has UV resistant ties and nickle silver rail.  Basicly the same as typical LGB track other than LGB used mostly brass for rail but Aristocraft did offer Nickle Silver rail for awhile before they went out of business. The trains and most of the buildings are what are not UV proof, so care must be used outdoors, along with exposed gears on the sides of power trucks.  O gauge is widely used in the UK outdoors, but trains are parked in covered storage areas or taken indoors after use.  Googole search lines like Crewchester, Jack Rays beautiful O gauge outdoor railway, orginally run with clockwork and live steam, now converted to electric 2 rail power.  Gargraves can be used outdoors as long as you order stainless steel rails and every year or two take the time to treat the wood ties so they wont rot out.  If I ever convert my gauge 1 raised line in my back yard to O gauge, it would be with Atlas O track and not Gargraves, just my personal choice.  My LGB track has been outdoors over 15 years without any issues.    Mike the Aspie

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