Anyone here do 7 1/2” scale or other livesteam/ride on railroading.

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Anyone here do 7 1/2” scale or other livesteam/ride on railroading.
Posted by SPSOT fan on Thursday, May 2, 2019 10:03 AM

I started a similar thread to this on the Model Railroader forums a few days ago and I was curious whether the livesteam (for clarification the term “livesteam” is used to describe all 7 1/2“ gauge (usually 1:8 scale) ride on trains, even if they are not livesteam engines) is something people on the garden railroads forums participate in.

I also wonder if there is any coverage of livesteam in the Garden Railways magazine. I haven’t ever read any of the magazine so I am curious.

Feel free to reply with you comments/answers.

Regards, Isaac

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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Thursday, May 2, 2019 8:10 PM
SPSOT fan, ride-on railroads have appeared from time to time on this forum over the 4-5 years I have been active here. The last issue of GR had an article on a ride-on backyard railroad, which to me, as a subscriber and not a member of the staff, is at least a signal of possible intent. I, for one, would welcome the expansion of "garden railroading" to include your preferred scale! - Eric

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