Lionel 68 Inspection car motor

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Lionel 68 Inspection car motor
Posted by trainlivebob on Thursday, January 18, 2024 3:52 PM

I recently purchased this postwar car.  Not running good.  Must have been a shelf item for a long time.

Took it apart and cleaned and lubed it and fixed some solder joints.  It now goes back and forth like it should, and the lights work.  Had a short near the coil where wires come together but seems to be fixed, no sparks.

However it runs real slow, no more than a foot per second at 14V.  It seems slow to me, and it just looks like its struggling.  There are sparks at the brushes, with the shorter one having heavier sparks.  (I have no replacements so I just soaked and cleaned them.).  Looks like more sparks than I've seen at the brushes, but they all seem to have some.  The track voltage is close to the same with and without the car running so no short in that circuit.

Real issue I believe is the motor coil gets real hot, too hot to touch within one minute of running.  And of course the laminations start to get hot.  Seems to me there could be some short in the coil?  I've never went and touched coils in motors after running, but I assume this is too hot to be normal.

Its one of those dual wound coils I think since it has no neutral, only forward and reverse. 

How would I test for a bad coil, resistance in each section?  What would be the ohms?

Or any others ideas?

Thanks, Bob

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