September Coffee Pot. It’s that time of year for Pumpkin Spice GRITS!

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Posted by smokey1 on Thursday, September 29, 2022 4:37 PM



I was blocked out for a couple of days. Told me to log in, I clicked that and got a black page over current page then saying something like not working. 


Yeah, the system was broke!  Crying

I checked with Mom and Dad, they live in a retiree apartment complex in Estero FL.  I wasn't TOO worried since they nearly ten miles in from the Gulf but I worried just the same.  Dad says they're fine, the complex didn't lose power and in fact they were just getting ready to go downstairs for dinner.  The streets are flooded from rain but it's draining away slowly but surely. 

My sister lives in Fort Meyers but no-where near the Gulf either.  She's lost power but the home generator's doing it's thing.  They're fine too.  Whew! 

If you want to live in Florida you've got to expect these things. 

That is why I left. You might say I went thru one hurricane to many. I have had a cousin and a brother of my best friend growing up that is in FL ( Fort Myers ) he went to a friends on the east coast of FL. I told him if he decides enough let me know and will look for Jobs up this way for him. 

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Posted by Flintlock76 on Thursday, September 29, 2022 9:03 PM

That is why I left. You might say I went thru one hurricane to many.

Understandable.  My sister and her family moved to Florida from Colorado because of one forest fire too many.   Yeah, they knew about hurricanes but they'd rather risk one of those than a forest fire.  

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Posted by fifedog on Friday, September 30, 2022 7:57 AM

Huh? Oh. Is it safe? Are we back ON? No more error? Ya know the feeling you get when you're called to the Principal's office over the PA, and you try to remember all the reasons you are being summonsed, only to find out that Mom dropped off your lunch that you forgot...?

Anywho, mornin' guys and gals. Sunny & 43 along the Paterson Creek cut-off. Heading to the chapter caboose afterwhile. Still living the bachelor life, as Wifey is still in NC. Took one of the guys to dinner yesterday afternoon. He's 80, and doesn't get out much. Went to local sports pub, then went trackside in South Cumberland, where we caught a couple west-bounders.

Finished Middle Princess's throne room. Took 4 days due to some drywall patching. Only thing left is puttking the door back on the frame.

Chatted with Brent a couple nights ago. He's doing remarkably well, and behavin' hisself. Looking forward to a visit in the not-so-distant future.

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Posted by KRM on Friday, September 30, 2022 3:39 PM

Hi gang, thought I would get in before next month.

 WOW Brent, that could of been a lot worse. Glad you caught it.

There in no excape from mother nature, Water, wind, and fire,,,she controls. Paradise can end up He!!.

The cold is lapping at the door here on The North Bluff. Kinda of early for the temps we are having, but the sky is blue and the winds are low and the crops are coming out. Got my wood cut, split and stacked. As ready as I can be. Got my flu, newest COVID and second Shingles shots this week, arms are sore. Ick! I think I should be good for awhile? Wife and I are planing a drive to see the colors to celebrate 40 years of each other next month. Yes


Nice to see Doug. Smile



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Kev, From The North Bluff Above Marseilles IL. Whistling


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Posted by lion88roar on Friday, September 30, 2022 10:10 PM

Evenin' fellas

Yes it sure was good to hear from Fife a couple nights ago. I've been told by my boss to skip going into the office next Thursday, wasn't going to be able to any way since Matthew has a Pack Meeting that night and I have to pay his dues and get things setup for the camping trip next weekend. Probably won't be able to make it in during November either, but will definitely have to get there in December as we'll be prepping for a major project that kicks off in January - and will require weeklong trips to all plants (and since one of our bigger plants is near Fife it will give me a chance to visit with him).

Been taking it easy and the kids are making it easy for me to do that too. I'm now down 15lbs since 9/11 and starting to feel like I have more energy. Now to start exercising more regularly. Down to 215lbs and hope to get down to 200 by Christmas. TheQ wants to go to Nemacolin for New Years and it would really be nice to ring in 2023 with some positivity.

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