Working on a Model of Gordon, from a Really special locomotive, Looks amazing when together

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Working on a Model of Gordon, from a Really special locomotive, Looks amazing when together
Posted by The Hornby O scale Modeler on Saturday, June 5, 2021 6:52 PM

Evening all, I have been working on my Hornby O scale Thomas the Tank Engine fleet of Locomotives recently, this is the first one I'm putting together out of parts, I bought a Clockwork Meccano 1929 Flying Scotsman, everything in the mechinsim was very fragile, I'm not a massive fan of Clockwork Trains, I know they have their market, I didn't want to pay $400 for an electric one as they are not worth that much!!!

I have a small paying job and don't make a lot of money, I am not going to tell you how much I payed for it but it was a lot less then the eletric version, and find it more convient for it to be electric..., Always wanting a Railway Series Gordon, I ended up stripping the paint off, But fear not...

The Paint work was very rusted and was missing a rear truck, I have found a suitable replacment part for that from a Lionel Scout Locomotive, I used a Lionel Scout Chassis and took out the motor and Gearbox, but left the main Gear on to keep the wheels quartered., I used the Front truck which was a replacment and I plan to rivit that in, the original Front truck wouldn''t fit in with how the model locomotive was built, I've painted the Engine a Sky Blue and will be painting another Layer on it when I get around to it... 

The model looks and is indeed rather beautiful and everything looks pretty appropriate on it... while the wheel proportions are not the same as the originals hight I think its one of the best examples out there that have been converted over I'm really proud of this project, I took a aweful Lot of insperation from "MyWorld67' (On youtube) Hornby O gauge remotoring pojects which are pretty nice, he seems used to the Marx stuff which is nice and all and it did give me a great basis for my project and a lot of the insperation to use the parts that I know and am used too, I plan to replace the Cylinders with some more appropriante ones from a Lionel General that I will modify to make fit eventually, I will be fitting the cross beams in soon (I think thats what they are called???) ,I will rivit in some washers as spacers and make sure they are tight and I'll make sure to do the same with Front truck and the Steam Chest, or whatever that thing is that support the boiler from the frame, The Riviting idea came to be as the screws were not working out unfortunatly for me, they kept stripping and coming out, I will be reworking the shell so it works with O - 27 Track, 

I plan to use a Royal Scot tender, the Motor will be in the tender, I have recently been taking up modeling again (Soldering Mainly, I'm not great and I'm not really all that terrible either, I'm still a Newby as being interested in Nasa for so many years as being interested in Trains before that, but stopped supporting it after it was giving me a lot of personal problems, I have nothing wrong with the origization, it did give Lionel a lot of Insperation for their HO and O scale lines), as I have had some bad breaks just because of poor behavior on my end, I will use one of those 6 volt Marx Motors from the Diesel Sets and using Insperation from the 1980s Hornby Railways OO gauge models, I will add some weight into the O scale Tender, I plan to reuse the pickups to create beter continuity from the controller and the track, I have some part of an old Sounds of Power Lionel Locomotive somewhere and I will use them to my atvantage so I can disconect the Locomotive from the Tender, I may try and experiment with some Valve gear but the hole I made to test it out may end up getting filled back in, the model does look impressive when put together, nothing dangeling at all, to clean the motor of the tender, as I'm not too keen on taking one of those apart! I will eventually get some plastic compatible contact cleaner and quirt some of it in

I will be buying some more parts and supplies from a Amazon pretty shortly to compelete it including that Rivit Gun to pop those rivits in to repalce the originals

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Posted by wrmcclellan on Monday, June 7, 2021 3:16 PM

Cool idea! Good luck with it!

Regards, Roy

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Posted by pennytrains on Monday, June 7, 2021 6:03 PM

Welcome Aboard!

Big Smile  Same me, different spelling!  Big Smile

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Posted by M636C on Monday, June 7, 2021 9:07 PM

Sadly, the Hornby (Meccano) Flying Scotsman of 1929 is actually a model of a French "Nord" Railway Pacific , reduced to a 4-4-2 for the sharp radii of Hornby O gauge curves.

It looks nothing like the real "Flying Scotsman" and thus nothing like "Gordon".

However, it is a "Big Engine" compared to Thomas...

With a Belpaire firebox, it looks more like "Henry" and might make a better "henry" than Gordon"

I would have thought that it was a collector's item by this time and might be better sold and something closer to "Gordon" puchased instead.

The easiest locomotive to modify would be the Lionel "Harry Potter" locomotive which is very close to "Henry" in his rebuilt form, just need ing to be painted green, and with a conventional dome over the safety valves at mid- boiler.

I'd expect that there would be a few good second hand Harry Potter locomotives  available, already with  the correct mechanism for Lionel.


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Posted by Flintlock76 on Monday, June 7, 2021 9:29 PM

Best o' luck with your Gordon model!  We'd love to see the finished product if you can manage it!

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