PRR Mountains (NYC Mohawk article)

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PRR Mountains (NYC Mohawk article)
Posted by Col Bob on Sunday, May 26, 2024 2:31 AM

An error crept in to the article in the Summer, 2024 issue. The PRR had 301 M1's (including subclasses), not 224. Also, while PRR's locomotives were almost purely freighters, 25 were painted for passenger service and had steam and signal line connections. They were mainly employed on duties where the train was First Class by Timetable, but had only nominal passenger accomodations, mainly hauling mail and express on these runs.

BTW, although I'm a SPF (Slobberin' Pennsy Freak), I think the beetle browed L-2's were good looking engines, just oozing power and speed. I rate the Central's H-10 Mikados, K-5 Pacifics and L-2 Mohawks as my favorites. 


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