Pulling a Niagara

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Pulling a Niagara
Posted by Overmod on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 8:56 AM

For those who don't frequent the Trains Magazine forum, where I mentioned this:

It came to my attention this morning (via RyPN) that there is video of the women pulling a Niagara.  It's toward the end of this interesting presentation:

Note how carefully this includes the different types of roilling-element bearings, including balls, with a good cut of SKF-style barrel thrust rollers showing their off-axis prowess, so this isn't a publicity shot for Timken as I'd have otherwise suspected.

Note the amusing claim that passenger trains ride much more smoothly when equipped with antifriction bearings... this is of a piece with one of my college roommates who was talking about 'riding the rods' and said "I don't see what the point of that "Hydra-Cushion" was... it didn't seem to ride any softer than regular boxcars did."  (This was the same roommate who complained to me that he got his car with a Ford-O-Matic transmission up over 80mph and couldn't get it to go into third gear -- I told him he'd be able to found a new religion if he did, because a Ford-O-Matic only has two speeds...)



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