On Time - Signalling and Operation in Melbourne in 1953

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On Time - Signalling and Operation in Melbourne in 1953
Posted by M636C on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 5:59 PM

This is a short documentary, probably intended as a supporting film in movie theatres of the time.

The practices are largely based on British operation and may seem strange to US observers. These are rarely shown in the detail given here.

The opening scenes are of the New South Wales Railways display layout, O gauge at 1:43.2 scale. I recall seeing this at the Sydney Easter Agricultural Show. The model trains had an identifying number on the roof of a vehicle which indicated which prototype trains were represented. The trains featured in this clip are air conditioned day express trains hauled by 38 class Pacifics.

The remainder of the film is at the Victorian Railways Flinders' Street Station in Melbourne starting with a high level view to link with the opening models.

It is worth noting the power operated upper quadrant signals as opposed to the lower quadrant "somersault" manually actuated signals.

Most of the trains shown are the "Tait" trains, which have sliding doors to each pair of seats and date to 1910, when they were introduced as steam hauled vehicles. The electrification is 1500 volts DC Overhead.

As well as gauge (this being 5'3") the actual signal aspects varied from state to state as well.



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