Interview with Flynn about more sleepers

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Interview with Flynn about more sleepers
Posted by blue streak 1 on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 1:09 AM

Long interview with Flynn about more sleepers being sold out and generally upbeat about LD trains.  He again notes LD dismal On time operation.

Amtrak CEO William J. Flynn thinks Americans are ready for trains again. (


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Posted by CMStPnP on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 2:41 PM

Both Andersen and Flynn struck me as fair minded business people.   I did not see the prejudice others saw in either of them towards LD trains.    They were basically making the correct argument that the LD segment is  underfunded, they both feel LD train travel falls way short due to the underfunding and if they had the proper funds they could restore some of the LD train travel experience of the past that would attract more paying passengers to the service.

Thats how I interpreted their public comments in their entirety.   I never saw this conspiracy theory floated that they wanted to deep six the segment because they hated it.    They were just framing the argument as a business person should.   Personally, I have more respect with how they were framing the argument then the 1970's approach that Passenger trains are for everyone and should have a low price point as well as simplified class structure to bring in the masses.    I think that was a stupid approach that Amtrak continues to pay for.    You will never close the deficit gaps in any meaningful manner with the 1970's approach.

Also, agree with some of the posters here about a full dining and lounge car on over night trains with little or no scenary...........why pay the costs when most passengers are not interested in that type of access?    Never understood why the Texas Eagle has the Observation Lounge when it is basically an overnight train with mostly flat as a pancake scenary that is boring.    Why tote the full service diner when passenger loads are so low and demand will never cover the costs?    For that matter, why have a brand new 85 foot length bagage car?     Why not clear out a first floor on one of those Superliner coaches and make it a combination baggage and Coach or just use 1 or 2 existing coach baggage cars.   That way each car on the train is a revenue producer, fuel consumption is cut and revenue is enhanced.

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