Diesel piston sizes?

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Diesel piston sizes?

  • Don't most 80s and newer diesel engines have pistons that are for a 12" bore?

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  • Here's the dimensions of which I'm aware:

    EMD 567 - 8 1/2" bore and 10" stroke

    EMD 645 - 9 1/16" bore and 10" stroke

    EMD 710 - 9 1/16" bore and 11" stroke

    Alco 244, 251 and GE FDL - 9" bore and 10 1/2" stroke

    Baldwin - 12 3/4" bore and 15 3/4" stroke, last built in 1956.

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  • And it seems GE's Evo-or-whatever-they-call-it is 250 mm bore. So unless any switchers out there still have De la Vergne or Alco 539 engines, 12-inch bore is extinct in North America.

  • The GE FDL engine has a 9 inch bore and a 10 inch stroke like the ALCOs. The GEVO engine is 9.8 inches bore by 12.6 inches stroke which puts it over the theoretical piston speed limit for wear at the 1050 rpm rating. EMD's H engine is about the same but doesn't count as all are out of railroad service.

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  • Baldwin 12 3/4 x 15 1/2, not 15 3/4