Russell Kentucky Rail Yard

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Russell Kentucky Rail Yard

  • I will be passing the large rail yard at Russell KY (Ashland) this weekend.  I believe it is now CSX. Does anyone know the history of it prior to CSX?
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  • C&O.  'Nuff said!

    And it ain't what it used to be!


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  •    If you can read this before it's too late here's what I can tell you in a short breif.

     My Dad worked at Russell until 4 1/2 yrs. ago when he retired after 42 years.

     Russell yard that runs along US23 and the Ohio River at one time was the world's largest single owned railroad yard in the world.It ran from Russell,thru Raceland all the way to Wurtland Ky. .

     It at one time had a hump yard that set in front of the Raceland car shops,which in themselves are two enormously large buildings.

     There was a coal hump and yard that was on the backside of the yard ,close to the river.

     Then a large switching yard that faces US23.

     Behind that yard sets the Russell Locomotive Shop.There used to be an old wooden roundhouse and coal tepple.Now there's the "house" which is the large inside engine service facility,and turntable and large ready track.

     Four divisions come into Russell.The Northern to Columbus.The Huntington to Hinton,WVa. .The Big Sandy to Elkhorn City (Pike Co. Ky).An the Cinncy Division,to Cinncinatti.

     At one time the founders of Russell thought of calling Russell,Railcity.There  was a hardware store named that,and still is in operation in downtown after you go thru the r.r. underpass.It has a large ceiling "G" gauge layout.

     Oh and the billboard beside the r.r. underpass on the US23 side has a billboard for the hardware store.It's a real picture on a billboard wrap of the 614.Really cool.

     Russell is a warranty shop for GE locomotives.

     Russell is alive and well Smile [:)] 

    Collin "The Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."