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  • I've just made my first mold using Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber. The directions Say to brush it on in layers. I used a lid from a Swiffer refill tub for my form, the dimensions are around 12'' long 6" wide and 1/2" deep. I sealed all parts with acrylic sealer and double sided taped them inside the form. I then poured all but about 4oz. out of a 16oz. bottle into the form. I then carefully vibrated all the air bubbles out and then waited about two weeks before the latex cured. when I removed the mold from the form it released easily, and so did all my parts !  the details are crisp and the mold is large enough to make several parts at once, I used tunnel portals and retaining walls. I just want to know if I can use water with a touch of soap to act as a mold release, I can't seem to find any mold release in any of my local supply houses. I did manage to find a release agent at hobby lobby, but it's for releasing latex and or silicone from itself, appreciate any suggestionsConfused

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  • Yes.

    Water with a few drops of DISH WASHING soap.  It is often called "wet water".


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  • thank u