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How do I start an operating group?

  • Looking for a few good men (or women) to start an N-Scale Milwaukee Road proto-freelance operating group at my home in the Sycamore, Illinois area. I have engines, Digitrax, rolling stock and many industries all ready to go and be served by the railroad! 

    If anyone has suggestions about how to find local fellow operators, please let me know.  Also, I have some unfinished portions of my layout that operators would be welcome to help complete. (Question: Is that last part too much to ask of a OP session group?)  Confused

    Cheers, and many thanks! Big Smile

    Chef Jeff Tendick

    Sycamore, IL.

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  • Jeff, you really want to post this in the Model Railroader general forum, a little farther down the page.  This area doesn't see much traffic.

    You might want to specify, "Looking for modelers interested in joining an operating group in Sycamore, IL."  That way you should get the attention of your target audience.

    Can't help much more.  I'm about 1500 miles west-southwest of you.

    Chuck (Modeling Central Japan in September, 1964 - in Clark County, NV)

  • Sorry! I thought I had posted this to the Model Railroad forum!  What a surprise! Now, how do I take this posting down, since I did put it in the correct forum? Cheers!