Official Canadian Pacific Content Downloads

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Official Canadian Pacific Content Downloads

  • The Canadian Pacific has free MSTS downloads available on their website. Currently available are the 1955 Canadian Streamliner, the CPR Empress 2816 and the Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train. They can be located at

    or go to the Canadian Pacific site, click on general public, then MSTS downloads.

    The 1955 Canadian Streamliner train set is designed to replicate CPR's flagship streamliner, The Canadian. This MSTS ad-on features a matched A-B-B-A set of FP7's, and a consist based on The Canadian as it ran in its heyday. Correctly named and numbered cars are included, and the Banff Park observation car has 5 selectable interior views, with a choice of having typical music or not.

    The set comes from and Gaetan Belanger for the original 3-D models that were used and modified to create this version of The Canadian for Microsoft Train Simulator.

    The CPR Empress 2816 represents the resurrected CPR Empress locomotive 2816 re-entered active service in 2001 as a roving ambassador for Canadian Pacific Railway. The CPR Empress is now a significant component of the company's program. CPR's 2816 is a class H1b Hudson-type locomotive built by Montreal Locomotive Works in December 1930. CPR Empress is now the only surviving H1b Hudson and is one of only a handful of preserved and operating CPR steam locomotives in North America. This train set for MSTS was modeled by John Fowlis, and is part of his "CP Heritage Steam Pack", available at:

    The Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train used stainless steel streamliner cars with a raised dome in the lounge. The Royal Canadian Pacific generally uses six cars which are coupled in the following order from the rear of the train:

    Observation Day Car: Mount Stephen with dining room. Capacity - 14 persons.
    Business Car: Royal Wentworth with two twin rooms, and dining room. Capacity - 12 persons.
    Business Car: Van Horne with two twin rooms.
    Business Car: Strathcona with two double bed rooms and two single rooms
    Sleeping Car: NR Crump with four twin rooms and two single rooms
    Business Car: Killarney with four rooms for the RCP Service Team
    Generator/Baggage Car
    Trailing Locomotives 1401/1900 (built in the 1950s)
    Leading Locomotive 1400 (built in 1953)
    These models are based on the Trainartisan CP Holiday Train business cars and are used with permission from its author.

    This self-installing package contains Royal Canadian Pacific business cars Van Horne, Royal Wentworth, Strathcona, N.R. Crump, Killarney, and Mount Stephen, as well as a baggage/generator car and a generic heavyweight coach. This package REQUIRES that the 1955 Canadian be installed as it uses locomotives from that package.

    It is really cool to see a class one railroad support the sim hobby in such a big way. Canadian Pacific is also looking to add more sets to its available collection.
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  • I too think that their selfless contribution to the train sim community is impressive and thanks is well deserved. However, I cannot seem to get the program to work (you know me and computers go together like chopsticks and a 16 oz. steak). The message that I have recieved from my computer after the progam was downloaded once I clicked to try and install the program is this...."The installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package"....I don't know whether or not this has to do with me not having a P4 2.8 system (whatever that is) or more likley, the fact that their website says that they tested the program using windows XP professional as their test operating system for the Canadian Streamliner. Needless to say I am quite upset at my predicament.
  • I had no problems installing or running the packages. I am running it on XP Home though. The installers were very straight forward.
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  • Email me and we'll get you up and running. As the CPR sponsor for our MSTS site, I would be glad to do whatever it takes to get you up and running.
    Harold ***heroe,
    Canadian Pacific Railway