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Getting DCC up and running!

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Getting DCC up and running!
Posted by Scandinavian on Sunday, September 10, 2017 11:24 AM

Hi Guys,

Just getting the pieces together...
Installed the NCE decoder in the Proto GP35, but the PowerCab could no read the CV's (i had the decoder installed with the Roco system before). After some poking around i found something like... reset or clear menu in the PowerCab, and that made the difference!

I have not changed any CV's yet, but the loco runs super nice and smooth!
Could not be happyer with the cange to NCR PowerCab.

And, maybe some feedback of the Walthers Proto GP35:
It runs very very nice, no problem there.
And the castings looks fine too.

But the assembly of the loco could have been better:
If you take the shell off, the "headlight/numberboard led holder" will fall out, and you will not get the shell back - just like that.
I just read in the new MR mag. September 2017, that they experienced the same thing. They cutted the glued cab loose from the shell to get thing back, but i cutted the "crew seats" off and moved them back a little to the rear doors, and moved some arms and legs "out" (heated with soldering iron) from the "main area" where the led-holder must pass by. I also changed the crew for some better looking Preiser guys (the originals look over-sized and have no faces).

Led-leakage also in numberboards and front-lights.

Some of the grab-irons were mounted 45deg. wrong, and others not mounted in the holes.

Fan grill on the dynamic brake... not mounted flat. (grills are brass)

Fuel-filter fell off, fuel-fillers fell off, one sunshade fell off. (fuelfilter is white metal)

Antenna was not glued, it was a goner...

The glued together shell parts - were not perfectly in line.

(I think they use the same glue for everything)

Well, it was some re-mounting of parts, but over all it looks like a pretty nice machine.

Oh, and i had to relocate the fuel-filter also, the front truck could not swing out properly.

And maybe the should hire some one to take care of the quality control. Smile

But i love the PowerCab! Thumbs Up



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Posted by 7j43k on Sunday, September 10, 2017 2:22 PM

I am surprised at the low quality of assembly.  

So far, all the Walthers Proto diesels I've bought have had pretty near flawless assembly.

In a word: Yikes!




PS:  Oh, yeah.  The DCC thing.  I've been sort of sliding into it the last few years.  I'm now at a point where I will "always" buy the sound version of a diesel.  I suppose the next step to that is to "always" buy the non-sound and install MY favorite system.  I s'pose.

I've gotten to the point of doing some installation and changing speed curves.

It surely is a long and bumpy road.  But VERY rewarding.

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Posted by BigDaddy on Sunday, September 10, 2017 5:54 PM

I could no more post in a Scandanavian forum than I could fly there flapping my arms.  But if no one tells you, you will never know.  Cut is a verb that is past present and future, there is no cutted. 

Hard to think of another example.  I will go, I am going, I went, similar but different.

Keep posting, don't mind me. Devil



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By the Chesapeake Bay

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