solar pathway light modifications #2

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solar pathway light modifications #2
Posted by chocho willy on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 1:14 PM

For some reson text didn't post with pictures so see #1 for pictures and #2 for text

   Well after more research and trial and much error I think I have finally got it figured out. Added the second solar panel an dual battery holder, got them to charge and upon lighting the led it popped indicating too high a voltage, so much for me thinking that there was no joule thief or voltage booster so when I added the extra battery and solar panel I was supplying the led with almost 5 volts because something was boosting the voltage. The only thing that was on the board is what I thought was a resistor, turns out it was what is called a converter and it is designed to boost voltage and because it is wound like a transformer it also created a interference with the IC that was to make the led blink. Double whammy  so I removed it and soldered in a wire to complete the circuit and it works like a champ. Funny not only does that converter look like a resistor but they use the same color codes to mark the value of the component. Well mystery solved and lights works, would like to thank the folks at "lighthouse-LED's on eBay, where I got the blinking LED,  for there more than generous help. Now time to start to work on water tower, Bill  


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