Rivet detail

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Rivet detail
Posted by chocho willy on Friday, August 24, 2018 12:55 PM

   Looking for a product that was previously sold by "wowplanes" which is what was described rivet stencil sheets in as where you put transparent tape over a row of rivet dots that were encased in a strip, after removing the strip you were left with a row of rivets still on the backing and by placing the transparent tape over top you were able to pull the dots off the backing paper and placing on surface that you wanted to be riveted then removing the transparent tape leaving a row of rivets. Pretty neat product but company has since closed. I called the place and fellow that answered said he was out of business and the product could be had by RC scale builders but inquires to them they stated they didn't sell things it was more like a forum. You can still se the product on the web sit of and if anyone has any info I would appreciate it, Bill rivet detail

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