Playmobile Sawmill part # 3

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Playmobile Sawmill part # 3
Posted by chocho willy on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:06 PM
   Attention wloading lumberas turned to painting and roof section. The main roof is a factory Playmobil with crinkled aluminum can glued on top. Used a Friskers paper crimper to make the corrugated metal roof. The roof over the boiler is Kydex plastic and is heat resistant, smooth on 1 side and pebbly on the other, using the pebbly side I painted it white and let dry for a couple of days, then painted black. After drying I block sanded it to expose dots of white but leaving overall black, giving the look of a gravel roof. Used several different colors of Krylon rattle can and then went over with several coats of brushed acrylic paints and some colored ink pens. everything is sealed with Krylon matt finish. Although Playmobil is plastic and rot proof, one of my main requirements, it's not UV proof so it is important to paint areas exposed to the sun.
   Turned to detail parts, made the logs from the tubes that the LED solar powered lights that I use to light my buildings with, scoring the sides with a saw blade and sealing the ends with styrene, remember 10' rule. Smaller logs used for log chute were made from window blind wand detailed the same way as the other. Table legs and flat surfaces, if wood, are all scored the same way. The lumber was made with window blind painted to look scored by saw blade, and like most thinks I do, if unseen, don't look for finished. Another words don't turn the board over. Smaller detail parts were most likely purchased like the saw blades and the hose, faucet and nozzle by he boiler room. Got all done with the water tank on top of the roof and was unsure where to put the intake for the for the boiler, had the faucet hose assy left over from doll house project for granddaughter and figured that it was a low dollar operation and they just used a garden hose. Water tank is a PVC coupling, again no rot, covered with widow blind pieces and secured with PVC glue. Again painter with acrylates, bands are copper solid strand wire. The water pipes are 1/4" styrene tube with small 1/8" brass wire inserted then bent, pipe joints are 2/56" nut, drilled out to fit over the tubing and cemented into place.Gustaf pulling logsboiler, firebox endloading logsrear of mill

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