Barn's Texaco update

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Barn's Texaco update
Posted by chocho willy on Saturday, January 6, 2018 3:49 PM

   This is a update to previously done post that only had 1 picture and was posted with a URL instead of a seeable picture, I finally figured out how to post properly. Building was made using part of a Wells Fargo Pola build that had been damaged in a storm. The building actually supplied enough material to build this and 2 others. This is one of my first buildings that kit bashed, and at that time I had just gotten into LED's so this one is Battery powered. It has lights inside the building, 1 under the canopy where the pumps are and 1 each in the Texaco stars on the top of the building, and switch for same is just under the eve of the rear of the building which you can see just above the Texaco sign on rear of building. I changed the hoses on the pumps to a finer more realistic tubing. Funny thing that you can't see in the pictures but the 1920ish pumps have a EPA lead warranting. The roof I weathered like an old station that I remember that the owner had replace 1 rusted out roof panel( I get a lot of ? about why I didn't paint that panel, too funny., Side doors do open and station now has an old time coke cooler out in front and added old time decals.  This build was for 1 of my sons that friends call Barn, fun build   Barn's Texacoat  nightgarage doorsside frontrear

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Posted by ttrigg on Sunday, January 7, 2018 12:20 AM

Nice rebuild.

Tom Trigg

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