Foam -- Durability and Cutting Tools

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Foam -- Durability and Cutting Tools
Posted by PVT Kanaka on Monday, February 13, 2017 1:13 AM

Aloha Everyone!

OK, the clan voted, and this year's emphasis will be buildings.  I have no table saw, and, as burnt fingers heal faster than severed ones, the concept of using foam and  heated wire to cut out structures intrigued me.  At this time, I am not looking to get too crazy with details, just something that that I can use to trace a pattern, hand the parts over to the kids, and let them have fun assembling, detailing, and painting.  I'd also like to try my hand at tunnel wings, abuttments, retaining walls, etc.

Given the goals above:

  1. Can we we get away with foam given we get quite a bit of rain, assuming we seal it inside and out with latex paint?
  2. What are the minimum tools we should consider?  I have seen cutting tables, handheld wires, and scribing instruments.
  3. Should we spring for a brand name set like Hotwire Foam Factory or would a cheapy thing from a craft or discout store work,like FloraCraft.

The other option is to hold off until a tablesaw would be less likely to be a major health hazard around here!

Thanks as always for the advice!

- Eric

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