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Bachmann trolley
Posted by pirate lynn on Sunday, January 15, 2017 9:47 PM

Hi--I have a point to point with Piko reversing unit and a small LGB power supply from one of my old starter sets.  Just got a Bachmann G scale trolley/cable car.  Runs fine but when it passes the plastic joiner cutting power, it continues into the bumper and motor still going.  My other LGB bus runs great with no problems--I've had this set up for months with no problems but this trolley seems not to adapt.  Any ideas on the problem?  Trolley won't reverse. Thanks........  


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Posted by ttrigg on Monday, January 16, 2017 4:49 AM

Guessing you have the Piko 35030 reversing unit which features a slow down prior to stop. These units ramp down the power in the stopping section but may allow a very minor flow of power to the end scetion. You state that the Bachmann trolly continues to run even after hitting the bumper and continues to run. You say your LGB rail bus works fine. Typically LGB units require higher power setting than Bachmann units of comparable size. It could be that the PIKO reverse unit does not acknowledge the Bachmann unit has stopped and is still trying to reduce power but never turning it off. Try reducing the power out put from your power supply. In my own case, I have three tick marks (dab of finger nail polish applyed with a tooth pick) for each of the three types of equipment I run on the A/R branch line.

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