American Flyer Talking Station Record

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American Flyer Talking Station Record

  • Does anyone know the RPM of the repro American Flyer Station Records??  I have the Lionel

    AM re-issue station, and want to record the original announcements on it.

    Thanks  Joe

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  •   I think it's 78rpm. I am not sure.
  • 78 rpm is the closest, although to me it sounds a bit fast when played at 78 rpm. 

    Ben TCA 09-63474
  • Joe,

           Send me an email, I have the Flyer Talking Station records (originals and GM repro) and Erector set record recorded onto my computer. 

  • There is a link on the web that has the sound.  I'll look around and see if I can find it.  I think it was a link from RFGCO or Portlines Hobbies


  • Here is the link: