How popular is a Lionel 18300 gg1 Bronze ?

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How popular is a Lionel 18300 gg1 Bronze ?

  • Picked up this new unit at an estate sale.  I opened it, did about 20 laps and it ran good however I don't know if I'm crazy over the e unit? It seems to be loud? Is that normal as its my first e unit (don't laugh). Don't know if I'm going to keep it or not. Thanks for any insight !
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  • If I'm not mistaken, you can get an electronic e-unit from Lionel for about 15 dollars. I think some of the other electronic places have them also.

    Thanks, John

  • Any mechanical e-unit makes a noise, sometimes a weak buss, sometimes a loud shatter. It's all in the plunger which is attracted by the coil. If it has to much space it makes a loud sound, if it's dirty and doesn't go all the way up, it also makes a loud sound. In terms of electricity, if you work with 50Hz in europe, e-units also produce more noise.

    You could clean the unit, don't use oil or grease on the plunger. May be it has dust in it, or a bit of corrosion preventing the plunger to move freely. If the plunger goes easy and all the way up, the only sound it makes is a weak buzz. The louder sounds indicate that the plunger is blocked or trapped before it is in place.



    Daan. I'm Dutch, but only by country...
  • I bought one of those new in 1987 my eunit is also loud.
  • Thanks for the replys!    Al