Auto-reversing track with Bachmann's On30 trolley set

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Auto-reversing track with Bachmann's On30 trolley set

  • I am looking to add Bachmann's On30 trolley set to my layout, but I have a question about their track.

    They say the track is "auto-reversing", and they sell add-on track pieces that are specifically "auto-reversing" so that you can expand this layout (I am guessing that this track has some circuits built into it to reverse polarity).

    Why would a piece of track in the center of these runs have to be "auto-reversing"?  Wouldn't the rails/track sections in between the two ends carry whatever polarity is sent across them?




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  • All that is different about the track is that there is a wire added to it in addition to the rails, to connect the auto-reversing function between the two ends.  I think you could improvise that using regular track.

    Bob Nelson

  • Thanks.  That is what I was wondering.


  • I have this set, and am happy with it. Why not just buy extra sections? How far are you running this thing? I guess if you like "tinkering", you can figure out how to save a few bucks on this. Good luck, Joe
  • Joe,

    Thank you for the reply.  Do you like the quality of the trolley and trolley motor?

    One reason I was wondering about using other track is because I was contemplating having an elevated section of trolley.  I had visions of the roadbed on the Bachmann track looking like ballast floating in space.

    But there is something to be said for the ease and continuity of keeping items the same.  If I use something similar to Woodland Scenics foam risers, then the roadbed on the Bachmann track would not look track ballast floating in space.
  •  Birds wrote:


    Thank you for the reply.  Do you like the quality of the trolley and trolley motor?



    I have had it on my Christmas layout since last year, so I can't comment on it getting continual use. The only thing I did not like is the trolley shed that houses the electronics as well as the control knob for selecting how long the trolley "waits" before moving again. The shed is too big, plus, the trolley dose'nt go totally into it. I cut the shed back to the electronics area, added a front wall, and used what was left of the base for a passenger waiting platform. Someone with more electrical skills than I have could move the "guts" to under the layout.

    The detail on the trolley is very nice. You can also buy some without Christmas markings for about $50. I paid $70. for the set, but most dealers seem to be asking $100. You may want to just buy the trolley, and then buy a "HO" reversing unit and regular "HO" track. I don't remember who makes them, but I've seen them at train shows. Joe

  • Joe,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I found a place that sells the trolley at a good price, and I also found a reversing unit.  I have a lot of old HO track that can be put to use.